Pacific Bao Yu has developed a specialised system of harvesting, tanking, packing and transporting its live seafood, so that our customers receive our products in the best condition possible.

Our extensive network of tanking facilities throughout Australia ensures we can offer a stable supply of abalone and lobster throughout the year. All products are handled with the greatest care and processed to HACCP and AQIS standards with the utmost attention to health and cleanliness.


The process begins with licensed fishermen harvesting the wild abalone and lobster from the pure, clean oceans of South Eastern Australia. Pacific Bao Yu fishermen are live-catch specialists. All of our products are handled with the utmost care ensuring the live condition of the abalone and lobster is maintained throughout the export chain.


The abalone and lobster are then transported to our live holding facilities where each piece is individually sorted and weighed into size and quality categories. The graded products are then placed into dedicated live holding tanks for purging. Superior technology and tank design simulate the ocean’s natural environment. Each individual tank has its own closed water system, equipped with biological filtration systems and temperature control.

Packing for export

After purging for several days, the live abalone and lobster are then removed from the tanks and packed into polystyrene cartons containing a net weight of 12kg for abalone and approximately 18kg for lobster. Our experienced staff follow strict quality standards in selection so as to both minimize mortality and ensure customer satisfaction upon arrival.


Finally the abalone and lobster is transported using temperature controlled trucks to the airport. Pacific Bao Yu’s close proximity to Melbourne International airport ensures fast, reliable delivery to the customer’s specified destination.

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